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Training Mobility

Not only academic but also administrative staff of a university with a Erasmus University Charter (EUC) can also benefit from the Staff Mobility Training (STT) in an Erasmus partner university or in a business enterprise.

Staff Mobility for Staff Training (STT) is a field of activity that supports the professional development of HEI teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences) and job shadowing/observation periods/training at a partner HEI, or at another relevant organization in the program countries.

Staff Mobility Training (STT) includes three types of mobility:

  • The mobility of university staff member going to an enterprise and vice versa: The purpose of this type of mobility is to provide opportunity for the training of the participants through the transmittal of knowledge and experience. The basic activities are; seminars, workshops, courses and conferences, practice education processes, short-term assignments etc.The requirement of a partnership agreement is not required in case of business enterprise mobilities.
  • The mobility of the university executive and administrative staff going to another university: The purpose of this type of mobility is to provide opportunity for the participants to learn from another institution’s experience and good implementations and to improve required talents for his/her current assignments. The basic activities are study visits, short term assignments and on the job training programs.
  • The mobility of academic staff going to another higher education institution to have training: Training periods can have a duration of 2 days – 2 months. Financial support is available for the academic staff to spend teaching periods abroad and for the university staff to have training at a university (there is no need for an Erasmus+ agreement between SAMU and the university; however the university must have an Erasmus University Charter) or at a business enterprise. Apart from the regular trainings, courses, internships are eligible (except for conferences and congresses).

STT is a full time activity and a grant payment is made for full-time training days. For this reason, in the Staff Mobility for Training Mobility Agreement a specific training program must be indicated on a daily-basis

How to apply for Staff Mobility Training at Samsun University?

Administrative staff who are interested in visiting Samsun University as incoming staff should get in touch with the related academic or administrative department directly to organize their visit.

Application Requirements and Documents:

Applicants must be a member of the partner university and they must actively work at the time of application, have a minimum English proficiency level of B2.

Duration of the Activities:

Duration of training mobility ranges from 5 days to 2 months (max.) excluding travel time.

For one-week (5 working days) participation, the training activity has to comprise a minimum of 8 hours of training per week. For training activities that will last more than one week (5 working days), the minimum training hour must be calculated in proportion to the minimum requirement (e.g., 16 hours/10 working days, 24 hours/15 working days).


Applicants would be responsible for their own accommodation. However, to have an idea about accommodation opportunities and travel arrangements please visit;


Thank you for your interest in visiting Samsun University within Erasmus+ Exchange Programme.

We wish you a successful mobility programme and a pleasant stay in Samsun.