Anasayfa » Safety


Students choosing to study in Turkey will find people friendly and helpful towards visitors. It is a safe country; students can travel safely within most parts of Turkey. Though travel is safe, some common sense precautions should be taken. Hitchhiking is not always safe, it consists several risks as all over the world. Students should not carry large sums of money and should keep passports in a safe place. Students are required to get a residence permit that should be carried at all times.

Samsun is a particularly safe city with almost no violent crime and very little petty crime. Students, both women and men, can move about Samsun and most large cities in Turkey both day and night but should know, that as in all big cities, certain districts may not be safe at night . There is an active nightlife in Samsun suited for university students, which you will often go in groups or couples.

The main safety concern in Turkey is traffic. Turkey has a high rate of traffic accidents. Students must take more precautions in crossing streets and care is necessary even when pedestrians have the right-of-way.

Driving under the influence of alcohol may occur rarely although police is making more efforts at control. Students should not accept a ride from a friend who has been drinking.

  • Personal Safety

Issues of personal safety are covered during the orientation program. Students are given information about the city of Samsun, specifically which districts are safe, where students may go at night and safety tips about city transportation.

Students are urged to take precautions about personal belongings as they would at home. Students staying in the dormitories have a place where they can lock valuables including passports. They should not carry about large sums of money.

Transportation within cities is adequate and inexpensive. Inter-city bus service is good, safe and also relatively inexpensive. However, we advise students to use bus companies with better traffic records. Each time students can ask advice at the Ersmus Office Staff in relation to your forthcoming trip.

  • Drugs/Alcohol

Students are advised that possession/use of drugs is strictly prohibited by law in Turkey.

The drinking age in Turkey is 18. Students not used to drinking should be aware of this rule. It is against Samsun University regulations to drink in campus dormitories and on campus.

  •  Political Issues

Indignation meetings by various groups are held rarely in Samsun. Students should not get involved in such meetings and in fact should avoid these locations during time of meetings.

  • Social/Psychological Stresses

Most foreign students in Turkey report having great experiences. Turkish students are warm and friendly. It is easy to fit in with some group. Initially, however, students may experience some challenges because of language. Students who learn survival Turkish as quickly as possible feel less frustration. Students faced with some bureaucratic barriers plus difficulty in communication may experience considerable stress. Erasmus+ Office anticipates many of the bureaucratic requirements and provides assistance. The best policy is to know what the bureaucratic expectations are and regardless of how needless they may seem, follow the procedures exactly.