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Samsun University has academic libraries in every that holds a collection of around 10,000 volumes ever growing daily. The Main Library of Samsun University is located on the Canik Campus. Erasmus students can borrow books from the libraries that located in all Campuses. In order to borrow books, students must apply for a library card. Before leaving the university, the library must confirm in writing that the student has returned all the borrowed books.

Samsun University libraries is open from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 18.30. The computer room in the libraries are available to Erasmus students. All libraries and the study halls have wireless network access. Proxy service enables users to access all electronic resources subscribed by Library anytime, anywhere. Users can also do most of the transactions like renewing borrowed books, holds, etc. through internet by themselves.

In addition to these, Samsun University has many laboratories in which;

  • Aircraft Engineering Training Laboratories,
    • laser cutting machines for Model production,
    • Balsa, paper, wood, rubber, plastic, plexiglass, PVC laser cutting machine for Model production,
    • Air flow counters and manometers (flow visualization with Smoke Generator-boundary layer analysis experiment sets for plugging different modules),
    • In circular sections, torsion, bending stress and moment in the beam, shear force, flambage in the stretching bar, plastic bending and deflection in the beam, such as the common mechanical difficulties encountered in air vehicles are basically simulated test benches,
    • Rotating beam fatigue test system; thin cylinder; aperture voltage/elongation test sets,
    • Elongation gauge (strain gauge) training and application bench,
    • Bending moment experiment system in Beam, etc…
  • Low speed and audible wind tunnels;
    • low speed and one above-the-noise wind tunnels,
    • 8 Mach supersonic (audible) wind tunnel and Schlieren optical shock imaging system,
    • 80cm X 100cm X 400cm test cross-section, open wind tunnel with speed range of 0-40 m/s, etc…
  • Physics and chemistry laboratories