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Health and Insurance

Samsun University does not  provide incoming students an insurance cover. Students have to procure their health insurance which is valid in Turkey. Even If you do not have insurance in your own country, it may be necessary in Turkey.

Before applying for a residence permit all incoming exchange students must have a valid health insurance. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain this before your departure from your home country or you may also have the opportunity to obtain one from Turkey. You can benefit from “general health insurance” coverage in Turkey. If you have the “general health insurance”, you can use all state hospitals without a fee and also private hospitals paying a moderate fee.

For benefiting from the General Health Insurance System in Turkey, you should firstly visit International Relations Office for a required student certificate. Then you will need to go to the Turkish State Social Security Institution (SGK) in the city centre with the necessary documents to apply in person. When you complete your application, you will need to pay your general health insurance fee which is determined on an annual basis within 1 month from the date of Social Security records.

If you don’t apply for general health insurance system within the given time period (in 3 months), you cannot benefit from the general health insurance services of the Turkish State.

Please also bear in mind that Turkey is well-known for its high quality doctors and health facilities with relatively low service prices.


You can find all information about your health insurance, below you can find some website links;


You should contact the companies directly to provide your health insurance.