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Besides the sea, sand, sun, the indispensable trio of tourism in Samsun, you can now find the areas where alternative tourism activities are realized which have become a passion for many people.

The natural beaches on the Coast band, eight of which have a blue flag and range from Yakakent to Terme, are ideal for enjoyable swimming. In Yakakent Çamgölü, the lush hills covered with pine forests descend into azure waters. The sunset at Yakakent, a charming coastal town where a unique beach and sea life is maintained, is really worth a visit. Terme County is also known as the place where the interesting and attractive warrior women of history live.

The Kızılırmak Delta wetland, which covers part of the territory of alaçam, Bafra and 19 May districts on the Coast band, is one of the most interesting corners of our country in eco-tourism with its flora and fauna.

The Galeric Forest, which is composed of non-evergreen trees whose base is completely covered with water in spring in the Delta, 19 May District, Yörükler locality, is very interesting for wildlife.

Samsun has very important centers in terms of thermal tourism. The watershed and Ladik hot springs have been known Health Centers for many years. The watershed May 25 thermal facilities have been declared as “Termel Tourism Center” by the Ministry of Tourism. Hamamayağı hot spring in Ladik is one of the first important and priority hot spring centers in our country. Ladik hot spring waters with radioactive properties have a stimulating effect on the organism. Therefore, this water is called “Youth Water”. It is also proven that hot spring waters in watershed and Ladik have a positive effect on the treatment of diseases such as rheumatic diseases and diseases such as gynecology, nervous diseases, joint diseases and calcification.

Like other Black Sea plateaus, Samsun’s Highlands are ready to embrace those who miss the green, fresh air and silence. It is quite easy to reach the Highlands from Samsun. the roads of the Highlands are easily accessible even with your vehicle.

Ladik-Akdag Highlands, Vezirköprü-Kunduz mountain highlands host different beauties in all seasons. The fact that the Kunduz Highlands are intertwined with the forest texture and the combination of the forests with the Altınkaya Dam Lake gives the region a completely different beauty. In addition to Highland tourism, this area has excellent facilities for hiking, water sports, fishing, motor trips, grass skiing, paragliding and camping. The forest management facility in the region meets the rest and accommodation needs of the winter arrivals in the summer. However, it is necessary to book the facilities in advance.

Festivities are held in many plateaus of our province. For more information, see the calendar of festivals and festivals.

Besides its natural beauty, Samsun is also notable for its historical sites. Used as a settlement in the Paleolithic period, Tekkeköy cave-Castle settlements; Bafra ikiztepe, which has been used as a permanent settlement since B.C. 5000, and even today its waters, galleries, stairs, Asarkale in the Kızılırmak Valley from 3000 years ago; rock tombs belonging to Paflagonlar, Garpu Castle, which the Amazons claimed to have made, are worth seeing.

You can also see the most beautiful examples of Anatolian wooden architecture in Samsun. Göğçeli Mosque in Çarşamba is one of the most interesting. The structure, which has never been used as a nail in its construction, has remained intact for nearly 800 years, although the exact construction date is unknown.

Recently, there is vividness in arts, such as cinema, theatre and music. International and national cinema, music and theatre festivals are organized throughout the year in most of the cities, especially in Ankara and İstanbul. To follow the events please visit: (Opera and Ballet in Samsun)

The main film festivals are: International Adana Golden Globe Film Festival, Ankara International Film Festival, İstanbul International Film Festival, International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Bursa Silk Road Festival, International Short Film Festival, Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival.

Some music festivals are: Ankara International Music Festival, Akbank Jazz Festival, Bursa Rock Festival, Rumeli Hisarı Concerts, Rock’n Coke, İzmir European Jazz Festival, İstanbul Jazz Festival, Freshtival, Rock İstanbul are important organizations where local and foreign artists take place in. Besides, spring festivals and music festivals are organized by the majority of the universities every year. For detailed information

If you are interested in history and culture, you can visit museums and the ruins which are over 300 in numbers, and also which are subject to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, for a year without paying anything by getting a ‘museum card’ (Müzekart) for a reasonable price and submitting your student id. The details could be found at: