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Cost of Living


Samsun as an metropolitan city that is home to many beautiful aspects ,with a population of 1.4 million people, offers a wide range of accommodation options for incoming exchange students. Samsun is also an attractive city with its social, economic and cultural life.

In generally living cost is cheap in Samsun but you should consider that the cost of living can vary according to personal living standards.

Transportation is easy in the city which is situated between two plains Bafra and Çarşamba. Students don’t face any accomodation problems in Samsun. They can stay in state/private dormitories or rent (furnished/unfurnished) flats. Monthly cost of living is up to student’s choices but avarage cost of living is ranges between 200-350 Euros per month.


Accommodation: Accommodation per person ranges between 80 and 150 Euros. This figure will change according to the location and dimensions of the property, and the number of persons sharing.

Expenses: Approximately 100-150 Euro per month (food, transport and a variety of other expenses)

Academic Expenses: Approximately 50 Euro per semester (books, photocopies, etc).

Tuition Fees: Exchange students who come to Samsun University for education with the Erasmus Programme are not subjected to any student fees.


Unit of Currency in Turkey

The currency unit of Turkey is Türk Lirası (Turkish Liras, TL) and its symbol is as in the following:  ₺

Turkish Lira is a Convertible currency and subdivided into 100 Kuruş (kr). Coins and banknotes are demonstrated as follows: Coins: 5 kr, 10 kr, 25 kr, 50 kr, 1₺ and Banknotes: 5₺, 10₺, 20₺, 50₺, 100₺, 200₺.